Variations and flavors from the past

Concert program with folk music and early music with folk influences. In this program we use traditional Swedish flutes (Härjedalspipa, Sälgflöjt and Offerdalspipa), and Celtic harp.




Music from Old England

Concert program with early music performed on baroque harp, recorders, baroque oboe and voice. Music of Purcell, Dowland and others.





Children- concert (30 min)

What does a flute without fingerholes sounds like? Does the harp come from bow and arrows? And how odd can a recorder look like? Take an exciting journey and discover the World of music with us as storytellers. A short concert for school-age children.




Children show “The Emperor’s Nightingale”

The Emperor’s infinitely large garden has everything you could wish for. There are the most beautiful flowers and the rarest animals. Yet a small gray bird with its stunning vocals is really its greatest treasure. But when the emperor is offered a mechanical bird he chooses to listen to it instead of the real birdsong. He can’t stop listening to the artificial nightingale’s song, but what happens when the mechanical bird wear out and fall silent ? “The Emperor’s Nightingale “, after a story by Hans Christian Andersen is a music and theater for the whole family. The majestic Emperor plays harp, whispering wooden pipes sounds like death and high flute tones turn into the nightingale song. The stunning hand-sewn costumes and atmospheric properties makes the show even more unforgettable.


Music for folk dance

We have a varied dance program with tunes from all parts of Sweden.





Course in Swedish folk music

During the course we teach songs by ear together with harmonies , chords and complete arrangements. We talk about the Swedish folklore tradition, swing , rhythm and teach how to accompany folk dancing . We adapt the course to the level of the participants and the instruments available. The course can be held in Swedish, German or/and English.

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